Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Game 130 - Mets

Phillies 9, Mets 2
Braves 13, Marlins 2
Record: 73-57

Hmmm. Hey, kids, you ever hunker down for a video game and the first few minutes are so wretched that you just hit Restart and scrap it? Let's do that.

I guess "Game on" and the other trifling urges I issued didn't really spark the team. Hell, I couldn't even fire up Jose Reyes enough to cover second base on a pair of plays as this contest was leaking away from the Mets. (Time for another stern Willie talk.)

It was inexplicably ugly in Philth-town last night, from the Mets' inability to hit J.D. Durbin to the Mets' inability to hit the Phils' beleaguered bullpen to the resurgent mastery of Pat the Bat to David Wright having just a horrible night to Mr. Met getting forcibly removed from the scene. A few things made sense, like Chase Utley returning to form immediately to Carlos Delgado holding his bat by the wrong end (or at least it looked that way) to the Met pen surrendering four runs in workmanlike fashion. But mostly it was head-scratching time. (That little itch could be telling you something.)

So the Mets soiled themselves from their seven-and-five-eighths to their sani's. Just keep this in mind, lads. Gary Cohen can say what he wants about the Philly "Phaithphul" being more supportive this year, but if you guys can rattle off a few wins, I can smell a city just itching to turn on its hometown nine. Just put a few cracks in the dam and let the Phillie fans do the rest, flooding the streets of Center City to King of Prussia with epithets and expletives to drown out any voices of hope. Trust me.


rob said...

mr met is a troublemaker. he and wally may have words if things break right.

Jerry said...

I usually drive through Philly at least once in August and the guys on WIP are dying to give up on the Phils and get them off the radar so they can talk about the Eagles.

And why do the Mets with their massive payroll keep having to start guys like Lawrence, Lima, Gonzalez, that fat Cuban, etc? It's a freaking moral victory if we can get 5 innings of 4 run ball out of these guys.

Whitney said...

As the Met bats were flailing away early on, I just felt like, "You guys know you need 5 or more runs tonight with Lawrence on the hill, right?" Apparently not.

Who'd have thunk that Delgado would get less crap from the Philly fans than from his own crowd? I'm down on the booers, but he seems to be getting worse.