Wednesday, August 29, 2007


To dispense with murderous thoughts of mediocre pitchers, we'll turn to something more positive, more benevolent. Time to shift the collective karma of the Township away from entitlement and frustrated venom to a notion of better intention. It's akin to many of the promotions that go on during the season, but unlike corporate write-offs, this will be a little bit more of a sting to the wallet if all goes well.

The Mets play five more games this week, a pair more against Philly and three in Atlanta. For them not to utterly shoot themselves in the foot and blow this lead, they're going to have to rely on the bullpen. We're probably not going to see too many complete game victories from the staff. Gonna need to lean on you, fellas, so get it done.

For each of these next five contests in which the Met bullpen throws at least two innings and doesn't allow a single run to score (either inherited or surrendered on its own), I will give $50 to the Virginia Beach cancer research charity A Dolphin's Promise. No strings attached -- of course I'll be disappointed if the mop-up relievers shut out the opponent in a 7-2 loss, but a deal is a deal.

My interest in the project was sparked by being given the generous top prize in this year's auction by a family member. I'll be at Shea Sept 8 to enjoy what they provided; here's hoping I can give a little back next Sunday night. $250 won't save the world from a dreaded disease, but it could mean just a little something to the foundation, to me, and to the Mets.


Whitney said...

I'm out $50, the Mets lose. Not as I'd intended it, but probably as I'd foreseen it.

Jerry said...

Oooohh..I'm steaming after that one. First time I've felt like this after a baseball game in a while...