Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Game 131 - Mets

Phillies 4, Mets 2 (10 inn.)
Record: 73-58

Forget Jose Reyes having two fewer hits than Tom Glavine in this series, or David Wright taking third strikes like I take thirds at Thanksgiving, or Duke's error, or anything else. This space is officially dedicated the the New York Mets bullpen and my unveiling of a suggestion for how to handle them at this point.

P.S. Welcome back, Endy. Don't care if you went 0-for-4, we love you, anyway.


TJ said...

Hey, at least you don't have to watch J.D. Drew kill your squad every night...

rob said...

speaking of that...hit refresh

Jerry said...

That was a bad one. These next two games have become semi-critical. Really the Mets just need to take one of them to maintain a decent position.