Sunday, April 23, 2006

Outtasite (Outta Mind)

Game 17 - Mets

Mets 8, Padres 1
Record: 12-5

Every year, one of the surest signs that baseball season is in full swing is when Rob swaps out his Roget's for George Carlin's Seven. Glad to see we're already ankle deep in the 2006 campaign.

On the other hand, the Mets were 3000 miles away and the furthest thing from my mind last night. While Pedro was mowing down Padres and Carlos Delgado was rocketing blasts out of a pitcher's park, I was entranced by a Wilco concert at my alma mater. The Mets have occupied much of my conscious of late, as they tend to do in April. While I am counting on them to do so for a significantly larger portion of the season than in recent memory, last night was a nice visit to a vacuum void of baseball, and I return to the 'sphere today refreshed and ready to resume my regular writing.

Except . . . my mind is a blank. Going back to my old school and behaving like an old schoolboy has drained my brain fairly completely.

Here's what we do know. It's over 10% of the way through the season, and the Mets are beating the teams they need to beat with some consistency. They aren't perfect, they aren't particularly deep, and the high-arching performance of the initial chapter of '06 is flattening out considerably. Taking three of four from San Diego would be a very nice rebound from the Braves fizzle. With a trip to Atlanta next weekend, it would be key to fine-tune a few things (and get a couple of guys healthy) to rev things up before taking another crack at those clowns.

Oh, and on an exclusively MLC note, my brother-in-law pointed out to me that June 27-29 on the schedule appears as Mets @ Red Sox. It'll be tough to make it up for any part of a weekday series, but it's certainly food for discussion. Stay tuned.

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