Saturday, April 08, 2006

Channel Zero

So, the inclement weather in Augusta was a bit of a blessing in disguise, as it allowed me to watch the Sox without interruption. Or would have, if DirectTV carried the local channel that's broadcasting today's game. Since it doesn't (aside: what the fuck is WNUV-54, and why are the Orioles airing games on public access?), I get the joy of the CBS Sportsline game ticker.

Sox up, 2-1, in the top of the 7th. Schilling had a 1-hitter through 5 before allowing a solo shot to Luis Matos in the 6th. Sure looks like a great game to watch.

I'm sure that miserable bastard Angelos is at the root of this.

Game 5 - Red Sox

Red Sox 2, Orioles 1
W: Schilling (2-0)
L: Chen (0-1)
Sv: Papelbon (2)

Well, since I'm here "watching" the game and all, figured I'd just clean this up before this entire bottle of wine goes away.

Curt Schilling has now gone 7 innings and allowed 2 or fewer runs in 2 consecutive starts, which is exactly 2 more than all of 2005. 3 Oriole hits allowed by no. 38 tonight, and a fist-pumping K against Jeff Conine to end his evening's work with the tying run on 2nd.

Jon Papelbon has now gone 3 innings and not allowed a single baserunner. He blew away old friend Kevin Millar to end tonight's game with 97 mph heat.

Man, I know it's early times, but this team has already won with offense, and it's won with pitching and defense, and the pitching staff seems to be building an identity as a bunch of hard-throwing studs (save for Timmy Wake, who's like comic relief). Whaddya say, Whit - see you in October?

(And yes, that last sentence was crafted with fingers and toes firmly crossed, and tongue mostly in cheek - it's been a good first week.)

Random note - I found a terrific cover of Drivin 'n Cryin's Straight to Hell by a singer-songwriter named Matt Nathanson on iTunes while trying to follow this game. I guess local DirectTV blackouts have a silver lining.

Doesn't make Angelos any less of a miserable prick, though.

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