Monday, April 10, 2006

The Best of What's Around

I just did a little overdue house cleaning in the links to our peers at right; Rob should be following suit before long. Please don't take offense if your work isn't linked -- it's a purely unscientific method we use to figure out which sites to include. We're actually bloggers of easy virtue when it comes to those links. Just drop us a comment or look for us at the Mets/Nats game on Thursday. We'll be the two guys in (someone else's) good seats, working on our slugging percentage as we take in the game and exchange trivia questions about Tim Naehring, Rico Brogna, and Curtis Pride.

Among the additions to the Mets Links you'll find a new blog by some kid named David Wright. We'll see how he stacks up against the Scribes of Shea. He does have a comments section where over 100 folks a day write personal messages to him. People, if gets hooked on blogging and replying to your comments, it'll be like Kevin McHale's mad quest to count the bolts and we'll lose him forever. It will be interesting to see if he is interested in a Schilling/SOSH like convergence of player and fans, or if he just tests the waters, reads some of our inane blogs, and goes frantically crawling back out of the 'sphere. If he ever happens to venture over to MLC Lane, here's hoping it's not today, when I intermittently fawned over his skills and questioned his sexual orientation. Nice work, Mr. Lester.

And finally, if you haven't seen this incredible effort, forwarded courtesy of Deadspin, enjoy.

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