Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Desperate Times

No, not in Red Sox Nation, just in my own little parcel of it. See, I lost my SoSH password, and the email account I used to register it is no longer active, so I can't use the lost password function on EZBoard. No big deal for a while, as I never post much (at least much of value) anyway. But the SoSH Dopes (not an insult, to the uninitiated) recently closed the game threads to non-members, and I'm dying - last night's game put me over the edge, as I would love to see the gnashing of teeth after the baserunning free-for-all.

All of which lead me to this - if any SoSH member lurks here at MLC, I'd appreciate your help in getting me in contact with a Dope so I can figure out how to log back in, if only to see the Game Threads. I promise I won't make any trouble.

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