Thursday, May 05, 2005

Saturn Balls, Youks, and Fat Fingers

Games 26 through 28 - Red Sox

Red Sox 6, Tigers 5
Red Sox 4, Tigers 3
Red Sox 2, Tigers 1
Record: 16-12

Three tight wins for the Sox to close out a 5-2 road trip through Texas and Detroit. Considering that 2 of those games were started by Jeremi Gonzalez and John Halama, and that both opposing clubs are solid, that's a fine little run. That Keith Foulke got saves in all three wins in Detroit is a fine riposte by the Sox closer to my little tantrum in this space just 2 days ago.

In addition to Foulke's resurgence, a pair of young Sox shone against the Motor City Kitties. Bronson Arroyo continues to stake his claim to the Sox' ace mantle, flirting with history today by taking a no-hitter into the 7th inning. Arroyo's now 4-0 with a 3.18 ERA and only 43 baserunners allowed in 39 2/3 innings. Kevin Youkilis is making the most of his return to the bigs, tearing up Ranger and Tiger pitching to the tune of a .467 average and the game-winning knock in Wednesday's game.

I could go on, but blogging got a lot harder for me after last night. An inattentive moment during a routine softball relay play put me on the disabled list with a shattered bone in my writing thumb. 6 weeks of recovery, and a fairly useless right hand are the prognosis. Have you ever tried to put on a pair of jeans without an opposable thumb. Fucking mind-boggling.

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