Monday, September 20, 2004

Games 146 through 148 - Red Sox
See a Little Light

Red Sox 3, Yankees 2
Yankees 14, Red Sox 4
Yankees 11, Red Sox 1
Record: 89-59

I guess a bunch of catchy slogans don't amount to a whole lot if you fail to show up. There's no sugar-coating the events of this weekend: the Sox flat got their asses kicked by a team that outpitched, outfielded, outran, outhit, and outmanaged them. No excuses, no analyzing how vulnerable the Yankees are on paper, no nothing - the Sox' worst enemies beat the shit out of them on national television.

Boston's collapse on the weekend is especially hard to take in the aftermath of their scintillating win on Friday night (the "little light" in the blogtitle above). The single positive to come from this series is the notion that the Sox have now beaten Mariano Rivera twice this season, and appear confident against the league's best closer. That positive is counterbalanced by the fact that the Yankees must have similar confidence when facing Pedro Martinez, who got lambasted on Sunday.

Mental Gidget hit new low(e)s during Saturday's ass-whipping, hyper-ventilating to the point that he couldn't think his way out of a paper bag, costing his team runs by a) walking several batters, b) failing to cover first in time, c) ill-advisedly throwing behind Bernie Williams at third on a comebacker, and d) showing up to make his start on time. Just when I think he's turned the corner, the Limp Willed Kid makes me glad he'll be wearing some other team's uniform next year.

Nothing much else to say about this series, except to note that I'm glad it happened now and not in October. The Sox have 14 games to get their heads straight (Lowe), their swings aligned (Varitek - Jesus, could he have been any more abysmal in this series), and their wounds licked (the entire 40-man roster and coaching staff) before the post-season begins. I said earlier that I'm all in on this team, and that hasn't changed, even if the opponent just drew to a straight flush on the flop. This week's a big one, with 4 at home against the O's and 3 more against the Yankees over the weekend. Forget the slogans, just sack up and play like you're capable.

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