Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Game 130 - Red Sox
Cleveland Rocks!

Red Sox 10, Angels 7
Record: 77-53
August Record: 21-7 (!)

Two exclamation points in the header! Wow! Something spectacular must have happened yesterday! And it did!!!!!!!!

Orderly No. 1: Sir, back away from the keyboard.

Rob: No way! The Yankees got beat, 22-0, by the Indians! Their worst loss ever! Michael Kay called Loaiza and Vazquez embarrassments on the radio this morning! All hell is breaking loose in the Bronx!

Police Officer: Sir, you're out of control. Please step back or we'll have to forcibly remove you.

Rob: You'll never take me alive! Or, at least never take me before I talk about Schilling's 17th win, and the Sox' 2 1/2 game lead in the Wild Card!

Sox Fan No. 1: Please stop him before he begins to rant about the shrinking Yankee lead in the division. That's not good for anyone.

Police Officer: Let us do our jobs, sir. We're professionals.

Rob: So is Tanyon Sturtze! Bwaahaaahaaahaaa!

Sox Fan No. 1: Rob wants me to tell you that he's properly chagrined about his momentary loss of perspective, and that he will return tomorrow - highly medicated - with a much more rational take on the season's final 6 weeks. I guess we can't really blame him - the Sox have won 13 of 14, and they're simply scorching in all phases of the game. They're playing .750 ball since the Nomar trade, and their starters won 20 decisions in 28 August games. They haven't had a bullpen loss since July. I mean, damn.

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