Thursday, September 16, 2004

Game 144 - Red Sox
Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Red Sox 8, Devil Rays 6
Record: 87-57

I love Tim Wakefield, but I hate watching Tim Wakefield. Especially when he sucks, which is often this year. Not a lot of pithy analysis to offer you, our faithful readers, beyond that pearl. At least the Sox won the game, despite trying hard to make it interesting.

Tonight sets up as a classic trap game, with the Sox needing to clear the decks before heading to the Showdown in the Boogiedown, or whatever clever slogan ESPN will apply to the upcoming series with the Yankees. We saw Lou Piniella manage last night's game like a World Series Game 7, and I expect more of the same tonight. Dr. Rob's prescription calls for lots of early offense, 7 innings of dominant Schilling, 1 inning of Scott Williamson, and whichever scrubeenie can get ready in the 9th.

I freely admit that I'm looking ahead to this weekend - which, because of the weather, may well be a bigger anti-climax than Whitney's bedroom adventures during the Mr. Softy period of his college career. (Do ask him about it - loads of fun for kids of all ages.) In deference to the Baseball Deity, I'll refrain from speculating about the Sox/Yanks, and trust that the Sox will do the same this evening.

One final note: Big Mike at East Coast Agony's been in good form of late (though both he and his partner in crime have been leaving their fanbase wanting more, at least in terms of quantity - college life is sooooo difficult), with the Mets' not-so-slow descent into the abysmal providing ample melocomedic fodder. Whit, the gauntlet has been thrown down - let's step up and prove that we truly are the internet's leading purveyors of old-guy-with-kids-run Mets/Red Sox entertainment/bitch session content.

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