Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Old Man and the Sea

Game 110 - Phillies
Phillies 4, Cubbies 3 (sorry Pop)

Record: 62 wins, 48 losses, 3.5 games ahead of Florida

Every time the Phils get groovin', I come back here to post and instantly they throw up all over themselves. The club is 33 and 19 on the road with a gutty victory in 12 innings at the Friendly Confines. That's the best record in baseball. Unfortunately, before they left for Chicago, the Phils lost 4 of 6 at the Bank to even their home record at 29 and 29. No other contender is under 4 games north of .500. It's spectacularly frustrating. Up is down, black is white and hotel beds are more comfy than the Sleep Number bed back home.

Out of the wreckage of the squandered homestand comes the news that our dear old friend Jamie Moyer has pulled the short straw. Seems management feels that despite the fact that his 10 wins leads the staff, Jamie's pitched so poorly lately that he's gotta be the one to get bumped in favor of Pedro. Jamie's not taking it well but that's to be expected. Logically, he was the only choice. Joe Blanton, JA Happ have been very solid. If the Pedro experiment fails, Jamie will be plugged back in. How many starts Pedro will get remains to be seen.

Tune in tonight. 8PM on ESPN.

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