Saturday, August 22, 2009

Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now.

Games 94-122: Yankees

Yankees 6, Orioles 4
Yankees 6, A's 3
Yankees 8, A's 3
A's 6, Yankees 4
Yankees 7, A's 5
Yankees 11, Rays 4
Rays 6, Yankees 2
Yankees 6, Rays 2
White Sox 3, Yankees 2
White Sox 10, Yankees 5
White Sox 14, Yankees 4
Yankees 8, White Sox 5
Yankees 5, Blue Jays 3
Yankees 8, Blue Jays 4
Yankees 13, Red Sox 6
Yankees 2, Red Sox 0 (15)
Yankees 5, Red Sox 0
Yankees 5, Red Sox 2
Blue Jays 5, Yankees 4
Yankees 7, Blue Jays 5
Yankees 4, Blue Jays 3 (11)
Yankees 11, Mariners 1
Yankees 4, Mariners 2
Yankees 5, Mariners 2
Mariners 10, Yankees 3
A's 3, Yankees 0
Yankees 7, A's 2
Yankees 3, A's 2
Yankees 20, Red Sox 11

Record: 77-45

OK, I'm back, after once again disappearing for waaaaaaay too long. And in fact, today I'm back in realtime, as I'm down at the cracker factory on a Saturday while the Yanks and Red Sox do battle on Fox. Need to get the GameCast up...and I'll try to follow along here in this very post. I guess my only solace is I don't have to listen to McCarver and Buck right now...

Well, that's freaking annoying...couldn't even get audio for the game (for free) anywhere. So now I'm just following the action on this GameDay feature on while my Pandora station serenades me with Lionel...and Third Bass...and Journey (it's a pretty eclectic collection).

Shameless blog's one reason why you haven't seen me in awhile. I'm on a health food kick.

I think last time I finally chimed in after a 40+ game absence, rob got all snippy because I was happy and excited about the play of my boys. Well, I'm back today again after a long hiatus, and sorry robert, but the Yankees continue to play extremely well...but despite the 20-11 win last night let's see how today and Sunday play out before you try that reverse psychology crap of conceeding the division to the Yanks. Because if we've learned anythign over the years, these two teams always manage to surprise us...and not always in the good "hey a naked chick just jumped out of a birthday cake" way.

Things that, despite their strong second half play (26-8), worry me:
- The apparent softness of Joba. And the higher ups in dealing with him. I'm a little sick of this babying. If he's a starter, he's a starter...why in god's name would they shift him to the bullpen right before the playoffs start? You have a young kid in the bullpen who has not only acclimated himself quite nicely, but who has flat out excelled in the pen (sorry, was channeling Mark Schlereth for a moment). Phil Hughes, take a bow, because I did not see that coming. Joba's a starter, Hughes is the reliever (and Rivera's heir apparent in this humble guy's opinion). Cash, you had it switched in your mind, but just look at the results. Don't fuck this up.

3-0 Red Sox. So nice to see David Ortiz got a new, even harder to detect, PED shipment lately.

- The Yankees record against two potential playoff opponents (yes rob, it is true, I am looking forward to a playoff appearance by the pinstriped ones): 1-3 vs Ozzie's White Sox and 2-4 against the Angels. Small sample sizes, yes, but the Angels absolutely own NY over the last, what, 7 years? (both regular season and playoffs)

-Player health, Hideki Matsui's knees in particular. I realize what he did last night, but how many times can you get your knees drained before you just fall apart in the batter's box? And why do I have this horrible feeling Pettitte or Burnett's arms are going to snap?

4-0 Boston. Alex Gonzalez just homered. Seriously? Alex Gonzalez? Ugh. A.J., get your head out of your ass.

You know what, it looks like I'm actually going to be able to escape Kramerica right now, and despite the four run deficit I'm happy to head home and actually watch this game rather than some lame gamecast widget on my PC. It's good to be back boys, and hopefully you and our loyal reader(s) are stuck with me through October. Oh yeah, rob and his Red Sox suck.


TJ said...

Not cool Kevin Youkilis. Not cool at all.

TJ said...

Channel officially changed...I picked the wrong day to come back apparently.

TJ said...

"In 12 2/3 innings of work at Fenway Park this year, [A.J.] Burnett has allowed 22 runs (20 earned) for a 15.63 ERA."