Monday, August 10, 2009

Idiots Rule

Games 108 through 110 - Red Sox

Yankees 2, Red Sox 0 (15)
Yankees 5, Red Sox 0
Yankees 5, Red Sox 2
Record: 62-48

As Whitney reminded me this weekend, somebody posted the following back in July regarding a newfound (and, shortlived, as it turns out) confusion about the Sox/Yanks rivalry: "As with most things, the Yankees are at the root of this new evil. Several times in the past week alone, Yankee-fan friends were meek, deferential even, during Sox/Yanks banter. In the past, I could always count on a "26" or a "Bucky Dent". Now, though, there's a wistful quality to my pinstriped pals' trash talking. Almost makes me feel sorry for them, mourning the loss of their swagger."

That dude is an idiot.

It is undeniably true that this weekend's disastrous series in the Bronx would have rendered me cat-kicking, raving, asylum-bound deranged had it occurred before 2004. So I suppose my current grumpy, irritable, black mood is a sign of progress. But let's be very clear on one thing. It stinks and it sucks and it stinks to lose a single game to the Yankees. To lose 4 in a row (and 6 games in the standings in 6 days) and look meek in doing so will affect my mood for the next week. And that swagger, backed up as it is by a paper-mache thin series of accomplishments in comparison to the events that took it away, is back with a vengeance. As is my angst. I find all of these things offensive to the extreme.

As opposed to the Red Sox, who are offensive to the infinitessimal. In the final 3 games of the series, Sox starting pitchers allowed 3 runs in 20 innings. And never had a chance. 15 hits and 2 runs in 33 innings of baseball. Frank "Bunting in the Dark" Viola could've replicated that line. It's safe to say that the Sox will plummet unceremoniously down through the standings should this ineptitude become a habit.

A less emotional analysis would note that the Yankees are healthy, balanced, and playing terrific baseball right now, especially at home. The Red Sox, meanwhile, aren't the Mets in terms of injuries, but they played this series without their starting leftfielder, 2 starting pitchers, and shortstop, and with their third baseman and right-fielder limited significantly. And they're playing like dogshit. In the words of the immortal Joe Manto, talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I do note with some rueful, straw-grasping rationalization the reaction of most of my Yankee fan friends, who seem to be jockeying for their places at next week's parade down the Avenue of Heroes. Celebrating in August, just like foretelling the end of the world at the same juncture, has a funny way of boomeranging. I only wish I had a saying to encapsulate that truism.


TJ said...

I really need to get my posts up before rob when it comes to this rivalry, because I for one am not a guy who thinks titles are won in the dog days of August. However, as rob noted, many, many other people do, including sports writers who should really lay off the hyper-bowl.

rob said...

it should be noted that you are not among the culprits i accuse in today's post. i still hate you, though.

TJ said...

But of course.

rob said...

hey nick, pedro starts wednesday. please to be writing about it.