Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Last Picture Show



(Note: Use of the word "sublime" has nothing whatsoever to do with the public officials in the subject picture and everything to do with the fact that Jonathan Papelbon is wearing shades and a shit-eating grin during a White House photo op.)


Nick said...


I have been in Bean Town all week. I admit, its a great town. By my count, the ratio of Sox gear to Pats gear is something like 10 to 1.

Anyway, today's Herald sports page had a snippet about the White House visit. Apparently, Manny bagged it - kinda silly I think - but Bush got off the quip "Apparently Manny Ramirez's grandmother died again."

Pretty funny.

Itsmetsforme said...

i'm sure w's grandmother, Barbara, wouldn't take too kindly to that joke.

rob said...

bush also expressed his gratitude that papelbon was wearing pants, a sentiment that brought hearty chuckles. that's a good role for gwb - stand-up comedian. commander-in-chief, not so much.

/political content

Anonymous said...

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Whitney said...

Paperboy isn't worth more than $775,000? There are guys you've never heard of earning a mill these days, and he's the closer on the World Champion, high-payroll Red Sox. Hmm.

Derek said...

The return of baseball has coincided with a complete absence of comment from the MLC quartet.
Can't say I'm too bothered about the new additions (no offence etc. etc.)but this transatlantic fan enjoys the unofficial and uninformed comments about the Mets and the Red Sox.
In the spirit of this years Mets camp, perhaps you're just resting up strained typing fingers for the regular season?

rob said...

derek - we've been more than distracted by our alma mater's unlikely run through the caa basketball tourney. inane banter about the sox, mets, et al to commence shortly.

whit - no argument about papelbon's worth, but a big part of the sox' development strategy is to maximize the value of younger major-league talent. papelbon will get paid, and soon, but there's no point in paying him millions when the rules dictate that they don't have to. ryan howard is only making $900k next year, and he's clearly worth more.

rob said...
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