Wednesday, November 14, 2007

C&C Music Factory

C.C. Sabathia received the AL Cy Young award yesterday, and I have no idea why a segment of the Red Sox fanbase is arguing about it - he quite clearly deserved the award. His regular season rate stats (W, ERA, K, K/9, BB/K, etc.) were very similar to those of Josh Beckett, but Sabathia logged 40 more innings than did the erstwhile Ebby Calvin. Basically, he and Beckett were the same pitcher, but Sabathia gave his team 5 more games. Those extra innings may have contributed to C.C.'s postseason ineffectiveness while Beckett's more moderate workload kept him fresh enough to dominate as he did in October. If that's the case, Sabathia can have all the awards he wants.

The always-brilliant Mighty MJD nails it this morning, saying, "The appropriate response from a Red Sox fan here isn't, "We were robbed!" It's "Hey, cute little trophy you got there, CC. Put it next to your TV while you're watching Beckett beat your ass on the Red Sox championship DVD."


Whitney said...

...if said Red Sox fan must get defensive upon failing to win every single award and feels the need to respond at all.

Man, all those years taking a beating from Yankee fans really left a dent on Bostonites. If abused dogs at the pound could talk, this is what they would sound like.

rob said...


rob said...

assuming said abused dogs subsequently bit the testicles off the abusees. but again, point taken.

we ever gonna see any mets-related content here?

rob said...
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Whitney said...

My blogging really fell off at the end of the season, totally went into the toilet. Nothing in the payoffs. Kind of resembles . . . hey. Huh.