Thursday, September 06, 2007

Three Days Grace

Game 139 - Mets

Reds 7, Mets 0
Record: 78-61

Before, as Rob noted, I found myself short on insightful prose because all was well with the Met Machine. Today, despite the Metmen having forfeited a softball game to the Reds yesterday, despite John Maine having gotten pounded around, despite Carlos Delgado sitting down for 7-10 with a hip strain . . . I'm still okay with everything in the world of the Mets.

For I am two days from my first trip to Shea since the glorious night with the un-Hollywood ending last fall. As my brother-in-law commented, it's as if this season has flown by in a blur and we're back to the tension and excitement of that October night. No, we're not nearly to that point in the success story yet, but it feels like it for us. Returning to the scene of the crime (Yadier Molina, guilty on all charges) is momentous enough, but to park it in Dee-Dub's seats behind home for an afternoon has us both pretty fired up . . . and has me unwilling to care at all that the Mets snoozed through a series finale yesterday.

According to the terms of the arrangement, we were supposed to meet Dave himself and some of the team for quick pictures. Doesn't appear that this is happening, but we'll still hold out a tiny glimmer of hope. And if not, an afternoon in the sun at Shea with Tom Glavine on the hill and me in the ballpark . . . well, only a damn fool would gripe about that.


rob said...

you gonna bring dw some tidewater souvenir? that'll score you some points - maybe get you some postgame hangout time. a doumar's lime soda, perhaps?

Itsmetsforme said...

i quoted you guys today. damn you've hit the big time.

I'm spending the off-day contemplating the very real possibility of a 1986 redux. In cultural terms it will send ripples through reality as the baseball gods would face a tough choice. Just a sampling of the battles ahead:

Pedro vs. Manny (otherworld weirdness)
Shil vs. Wags (mouthy something or other)
Old bandwagon fans (Sawx) vs. New bandwagon fans (Mets)

Families torn apart. Thick and embarassing accents. Babies named Coco. Shared "yankees suck" chants. Oh the humanity.

And what will happen on this blog? Civil war?

rob said...

we're humbled by the attention - many thanks.

and while we've discussed the possibility of sox/mets offline, we're both too chickenshit about tempting fate to address it here in black and white.

i suspect it'd be a fairly rich topic.

Itsmetsforme said...

by the way making the big time was a joke dripping with sarcasm of course.
I am looking forward to a steel cage match here if the sawx and metsies come to blows (i have an uncle-in-law in boston that swears they are the same team).

our destiny awaits...

rob said...

compared to us, it is bigtime. although when the inevitable matchup occurs, we've totally got the sox/mets niche covered. expect to see us on espn, cnn, and perhaps the wiggles.