Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little Feat

Game 157 - Mets

Nationals 10, Mets 9
Record: 87-70

Blast. That was close to being something. As it turned out, it was nothing.

Maybe six ninth-inning runs and a damn fine comeback that fell just short isn't quite nothing, but the time for moral victories expired long ago. If we're simply looking for signs of life amid losses to one of the league's doormats, I just registered for postseason tickets in utter vain.

It's a simple game. You throw the ball. You hit the ball. You catch the ball. Going 1-for-3 is great for a batting average, but where those three elements are concerned, it spells doom.

You got trouble
And it's tailor made
Well mama, lay your head down in the shade
'Cause your eyes are tired, and your feet are, too
And you wish the world was as tired as you
Well I'll write a blogpost, and I'll send it away
And put all the trouble in it you had today

. . . Oh, Atlanta -- thanks.


Jerry said...

Combining yesterday's topic with today's -- last night David Wright singles up the middle, Carpenter's call, "10 feet either way and that's a double play." 10 feet????? Wouldn't that change the outcome of like 60% of batted balls?

Whitney said...

60% is a conservative estimate. What a moronic thing to say.

Jerry said...

Granted, the Nats have taken 4 of 5 now from the Mets, but you'd think they have a 100 win club with the way Carpenter calls the game. The way he calls the action doesn't bother me that much -- seems to have the same degree of homerism as most guys -- but the way he glows about the Nats as the perfect ball club seems a bit off.

I think Sutton is fine. Certainly a ultra-mega-super improvement on Ray Knight.

I haven't been able to watch an SNY broadcast in weeks.

TJ said...

Either Carpenter or Sutton also took a totally unprovoked shot at Mets fans last night...I wish I could remember what he said. It was so out of place I was sure he hadn't just said it, but he did.