Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Games 80 & 81 – Red Sox

Devil Rays 3, Red Sox 0
Devil Rays 9, Red Sox 6
Record: 50-31

“For any media types wanting to lift some comments from me here, shit fuck shit
fuck shit fuck. Print that.” – Curt Schilling on SoSH following yesterday’s ugly
loss to the Rays

Seems like No. 38 sums up my feelings precisely on the morning after consecutive losses to the cellar-dwelling D-Rays. His specific comments related to his leaving a 2-out fastball over the heart of the plate for Ty Wigginton to blast into the seats to break a 3-3 tie in the bottom of the 7th. Mine are more generic.

Wigginton and Scott Kazmir killed the Sox in their first games post-break (or, post-interleague play, whichever term you prefer). In homage to my favorite Met, the Sox should just tip their caps and call Kazmir their daddy. The erstwhile Met was awesome on Monday, giving up 2 hits and recording 10 K in a complete game effort. Somewhere, a mournful Township weeps not so silently. Especially since today’s paper brings news of Lima Time’s return engagement in Queens.

Despite 2 mediocre performances, the Sox remain 4 games ahead of the Yankees and Blue Jays as they hit the season’s midpoint. For all their well-documented flaws, they’re on pace to win 100 games and they’ve only played 37 games at home. So, try as I might to gin up some full-fledged angst, I must admit that my personal Homeland Security threat level remains at green.

Of course, Jason Johnson goes tonight to try to halt the Sox’ 2-game losing streak, so all bets may be off.

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