Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Game 93 - Red Sox

Red Sox 1, Royals 0
Record: 57-36

I'll be damned. Right after he watched Jon Lester drain a rainbow jumper from over a tree and behind the neighbor's VW Bus, Ebby Calvin stepped up calm-as-you-please and made the same shot to avoid the "H". 8 innings, no runs, 4 hits, no walks and 7 Ks (though you could argue the technicality that he did it right-handed as opposed to Lester's southpaw effort) in a mirror-image dominance of the Royals.

The Sox did what they're supposed to do, sweeping Kansas City despite only scoring 7 runs in the 3 games. They defined doing just enough to win, but I can't quibble too much over style points. Would be nice if the offense wakes up in time for the weekend, but I'll be far too engrossed in pickling my liver and frying my skin to care all that much. Aloha until I dry out sometime next week.

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