Monday, August 15, 2005

Omen? Oh, Man!

Games 114 & 115 - Red Sox

Red Sox 9, White Sox 8
Red Sox 7, White Sox 4
Rain 1, White Sox 0
Record: 68-47

Quick and dirty to hold you over for a few days, as I'm heading out of town for business and won't be near the internet until Friday.

62 runs now in 6 games (5 more tonight in 5 innings) for the Sox, and even when things go bad, they turn out well. Curt Schilling threw batting practice to the Pale Hose 2 nights in a row, but Big Papi's magic power machine bailed him out twice. The ChiSox pummelled Matt Clement last night, and led 5-2 in the 4th before the heavens opened and the game was washed out. To their credit, the Sox have taken advantage of the luck they've been given, laying on the accelerator to the tune of 14 wins in 16 games.

Interesting fact: the Red Sox have never failed to win a World Series in a year when Phil Mickelson wins a major championship. Last year in this space, a very wise man wrote the following after Lefty won the Masters: "Philly Mick, big-talented, hard-luck loser ends his majorless streak on the same day the big-talented, hard-luck Boston Red Sox pick up where they left off at the end of 2003, winning a game they shouldn't have? Omen? Hmmm? I'm just saying."

Now, 16 months later, Philly Mick, big-talented, somewhat erratic champion finds a way to simply get it done when it matters, while the big-talented, somewhat erratic Boston Red Sox lead the AL East. Omen? Hmmm? I'm just saying.

(Random naked event: FSN Detroit was asleep at the switch as a pair of streakers hit the field at Comerica, ruining the G rating for tonight's telecast. The announcers are reacting as if ritual murders are being committed at home plate. I'm giggling. Naked people are funny.)

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