Monday, August 01, 2005

Asterisks All Around

I can't tell you how utterly stunned I was to hear about Rafael Palmeiro's steroid suspension. Stunned and truly, truly saddened. I'm a big boy (insert short joke here), I understand that our heroes really aren't deserving of that distinction, being mostly flawed assholes like all the rest of us. But I quite simply believed that Palmeiro earned his numbers in an era where so many didn't. Now, though, even as he mildly (and bizarrely) protests that he didn't "intentionally" take steroids, he's a common roid-monkey like Jason Giambi (and if you believe he's not on HGH - which isn't tested today - right now, you deserve the mockery of your family) and Barry Bonds.

The Palmeiro announcement pretty much seals it for me. My default position with every single major leaguer now is that he's on the juice. Every one, that is, except David Ortiz. There's too much money at stake, and these guys are too competitive. Juicers, all of them. You won't convince me otherwise.

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