Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In-Game Blog Designed to Will the Mets to Win

Logging on after the 10th inning here, it's as if the Mets decided to play until I got off my rear end and typed something. I forgot to record the game, so by the time I checked in, it was 6-2, Brewers. Yes, it was all the way into the top of the 2nd inning. Thankyouverymuch, Victor Zambrano. Brewers haven't hit as many balls out of the yard in ten years of Home Run Derbys as they did in 1+ innings off Uncle Zam.

What the Mets did since then, however, has been fantastic to watch. They battled back to 6-4, saw it leak to 7-4, tied it up, and then Geoff Jenkins took Roberto Hernandez to the bad place. Down a run in the bottom of the 9th, though, Mike Cameron belted a 95-mph fastball over the fence in left-center for the game-extender. Cue the Hooters. (And we danced, duh.)

Fast-forward a quintet of bagels and here we are. Bottom 11, bases loaded. The Mets caught a serious break when, with nobody out and David Wright aboard, Milwaukee shortstop Bill Hall misplayed a sure unassisted double play into first and third. After an IBB to the suddenly back-to-lukewarm Doug Mientkiewicz, Ramon Castro popped up. And the stage is set.

Mike Piazza strolls to the plate. He has the advantage here, some would say, as all he needs to do is hit is a flyball semi-deep.

Julio Santana deals. He has the advantage here, some would say, as all he needs to do is throw something low and off the plate and Piazza will hit a ground ball, which will invariably become one of those double plays where he doesn't actually make it onto the TV screen running down to first before the first baseman is inspecting the ball and jogging toward the dugout.

Let's call it an even match-up.

Ball 1. Low.

(By the way, how insanely cool is TiVo; I am pausing between pitches to type.)

Ball 2. Low and away. Oh, boy.

3-0. This game is over. I did not just type that.

Walked him. A stirring walk-off walk. Thrilled to get a much-needed win; deep down, I catch myself wishing I'd stayed up for something a little more . . . thrilling. No complaints, though, it was a big win in a little game for the Metmen. Good night, lads.

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