Friday, July 15, 2005

Everything In Its Rightful Place (Except Me At My Desk)

Games 87 through 89 - Mets

Pirates 11, Mets 4
Mets 6, Pirates 1
Mets 6, Braves 3
Record: 45-44

I love rooting for Mike Piazza. There are no internal conflicts to resolve in pulling for the guy, there's no hesitation, there are no strings attached. I don't root for him like I do for Pedro, where I don't care for him personally but I have to admire what he does for the club. Instead, I usually end up keeping my fingers crossed for Mike Piazza not to continually hurt the team.

And then he hits a three-run opposite-field bomb to win the game against the loathed Braves, and all is right in the world. The All-Star break had me in a Metblog slumber, and while I'm not exactly springing out of the sack with anything worthwhile here today (I'm not a morning person), I'll be back again soon with more inane commentary. Coming soon: I'll delve into why the Mets have a team comprised exclusively of Gold Glovers and DH material.

Hometown heroes the Washington Nationals will be out of first place by July 25. The question is: how many games back will the Mets be when that happens? Seven back now, they should be just three back by then. You read it here first, and there's a reason for that.

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