Friday, July 15, 2005

Because I've Got Nothing Better to Do

Game 89 - Red Sox

Red Sox 17, Yankees 1
Record: 50-39

Here's some MLC trivia for you. This marks the first time since May 14-15 that I've posted on consecutive days. The first step in getting better is admitting that you have a problem, and I'm here to tell you that I suck.

The Sox, though, certainly didn't tonight. What are the odds of any team drilling their arch-rival by a 17-1 count twice in a single season? Longer than the odds of Trot Nixon hitting an inside-the-park homer? A bigger longshot than a team with a $200 million payroll having to start Tim Redding? More unlikely than Hideki Matsui fielding a fly ball of the Green Monster cleanly?

It's fun watching games when the Sox have an 11-run lead in the 4th inning. Stress, I fear not thy sting. Harpoon I.P.A, though, I feel thy sweet, dulling incantations. Perhaps a new stretch of superstition to follow? If I must, I'll soldier through. Or join the gang at Jerry's Wheelhouse.

Every Sox starter except...wait for it...Mark Bellhorn got a hit tonight, as did replacements Alex Cora and Adam Stern. As much as I've given Bellhorn grief thus far, it's been mostly out of a belief that he would turn it around. Now, though, I've gone around the bend on Eeyore. The Sox need more than he's giving them - Bellhorn is a liability, despite his still adequate OBP. Someone smarter than me (okay, someone with more time than me - it'd be hard find someone smarter) can compare the incremental value of Alex Cora's defense as compared to Bellhorn's, but if anyone could use a week of just sitting and watching, it's Eeyore. He just looks lost - swinging over low curveballs, and through high fastballs, pressing like a dry cleaner on a deadline.

Gabe Kapler officially rejoined the Sox tonight, but Kevin Youkilis was sent down yesterday, so my plan for a B'Nai Brith mixer at the Fens is on hold. Trade deadline is 16 days away. I'm waiting for a scorched earth policy from the Bronx in pursuit of a starter, any starter. As it stands, I think Ed Whitson's getting the call on Sunday.

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