Monday, February 07, 2005

Hub of the Sports Universe

I'm not a Patriots fan, though I am fond of the NFL's newest dynasty. I gave up my Pats' fanclub membership card in 1983 when I moved to Virginia just in time to watch John Riggins go off left tackle for 43 yards to seal the Redskins' first Super Bowl championship. Believe me, that decision - which seemed so well-founded throughout the 80s and 90s - looks more and more ill-advised in today's Snyder-addled reality. After years of ripping bandwagon fanboys (many with shiny new interlocking NY caps), I certainly won't be one, but it is nice to bask in the regional good feelings that continue to wash over my parents' birthplace after the Patriots' 24-21 win over the Eagles. And even better to know that it came at the expense of America's worst city.

I also really enjoyed the following quote about the Patriots from one of their fellow Bostonian ring-wearers: "They're the Yankees of the NFL,'' said Curt Schilling, "but without being greedy bastards.'' Heh.

A week to pitchers and catchers, and less than 2 months to Opening Day. Mmmmm, Opening Day.

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