Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Domino, melonfarmer!

Shortly after failing to land slugging firstbaseman Carlos Delgado, Whitney's Mets went 180 degrees in another direction, grabbing slick-fielding Doug Mientkiewicz from the Sox in return for Single A firstsacker Ian Bladergroen (can't we sign a Smith to play first?). While I won't miss having to hunt and peck Mientkiewicz, I did enjoy watching Dougie M play his position - and so will Whit, meaning as it does that he won't have to suffer through the improvisational fielding stylings of Mike Piazza.

Today's blogtitle refers to both the chain of events that led the Mets to settle for Mientkiewicz, and one of the most sublimely ridiculous dubbed movie lines in history. You may remember the famous line from Die Hard, when Bruce Willis' John McClain tells his adversary, "Yippee-ki-ay, motherfucker." What you likely don't remember is how broadcast TV cleaned up McClain's naughty words, turning a great line into the grince-inducing (that's grin/wince), "Yippee-ki-ay, melonfarmer". Melonfarmer? Indeed.

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