Tuesday, December 14, 2004

An 11th Hour Plea

Perhaps I didn't write in a vehement enough manner. Maybe "pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease don't sign him" isn't clear enough. And just in case this site isn't in Omar Minaya's favorites file, here's hoping one of the other 10,000 websites bemoaning/criticizing/scoffing at the potential four years of guaranteed Pedro might make the Mets think twice. What a scenario that'd be -- at this point, the Sox have washed their hands of Pedro, and if the Mets back out, there'd be a tail between two legs in Pedro's house. Deep down the Sox are probably thrilled to be able to part ways with Pedro in a manner where they come out as the good guys. Martinez, with his back-and-forth playing the Mets and Sox off each other, has come off as utterly shady. "It's only business, nothing personal," Pedro Martinez and Sal Tessio commiserate. And if only -- if only -- Omar Minaya would back away at the 11th hour, we'd hear this exchange:

Pedro: "Can you get me off the hook, Theo? For old times' sake?"
Theo: "Can't do it, Petey."

And then Martinez gets forced into a black sedan and winds up in the baseball equivalent of sleeping with the fishes, sleeping with the Devil Rays.

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