Wednesday, December 15, 2004

An Open Letter to Linda Cropp

Dear Linda,
End the charade. By now it's obvious to anyone who's been following your preposterous actions since the first time you pulled the rug out from under us that your sole motivation for this rigmarole is to try to earn the mayor's seat the next time around. We know, we know. You want to be the one that saved D.C. from baseball's deadly deal, yet saved baseball from MLB's fickle fingers. Hey, baseball-naysayers: I never voted for baseball! Hey, baseball-people: I never voted against baseball! Here's what you're really doing: pissing everyone off. Just stop it.

Apparently it's eluded you that it took a supremely herculean effort, plus an inordinate amount of good luck, and oh yeah, this exact sweetheart deal to get Major League Baseball to agree to come here. By using the authority the citizens of D.C. entrusted you with to hold the council hostage to your whims is abominable, to use an appropriately seasonal term. Tinkering with the deal with but a couple of weeks remaining is playing with fire, and pretty moronic to boot. Your perennial presence two steps behind the rest of the integral players has illustrated your ineptitude in your current role. To carry on with this behavior is irresponsible; to do so in the name of protecting your city's people when selfish motivations lurk behind that thin veil is reprehensible. We'd rather see Mayor McCheese in power than you. We'd rather see . . . we'd almost rather see Marion Barry reclaim his office than you.

All along you have said you wouldn't stand in the way of baseball returning to the District. Hear my noise, woman, everything you've done thus far has gone a long way towards jeopardizing what other people have worked so hard for, and you are teetering on the brink of costing us all this baseball team. If you do so, you will have let down a city, and you will achieve more fame than you've ever dared to dream about -- the notoriety of being "the stupid lady that lost the Expos."

MLC Head Writer #1

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