Monday, November 29, 2004

No, No, Pee-dro

All of the feelings I had for Sammy Sosa hold true for Pedro Martinez as well. I think he's due for a significant downward turn, he's not much fun for fans, many teammates, and especially management, and he's going to cost a pretty penny. Why would he be even worse than Sosa? He'll command a multi-year obligation, and Cliff Floyd won't go in the transaction. Of course, at the end of the day, much like Sammy, Pedro will improve this very bad team. You just have to wonder if there are people out there who can improve the team without bringing so much baggage.

In other words, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease don't sign him. I never liked him when he was a Red Soxer, despite admiring his talent (most obvious at least a few years ago). It will be piling on for Rob's Red Sox to leave misery in the dust, then dump high-dollar, waning-talent players on the Mets. "Bad to worse" has been the anti-Millar mantra of the Mets for quite some time now.

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