Saturday, June 19, 2004

Games 65 and 66 - Mets
Mountain a Comeback?

Mets 6, Indians 2
Mets 3, Tigers 2
Record: 32-34

Now this is what playing the AL Central is supposed to be like. After succumbing to the Twins and Royals like it was the mid-1980's or something, the Mets took two of three from the Tribe and opened up the series against Detroit with a dramatic win. Mike Cameron, whose first couple of months only fueled speculation about a Carlos Beltran deal, jacked a ninth-inning off-speeder into the back of the left-field bleachers to beat the Tigers last night.

Tom "Gold" Glavine not only presented another quality start for the Metros but also drove in two with a single in the fifth to tie the game, enabling Cameron to break the tie in the ninth with his solo shot. The legions of writers who declared Mr. Glavine dead in the water after last year haven't yet begun to own up to jumping that gun, and I won't hold my breath waiting, but let me be the first to retract my wholesale rejection of TG last year. An MLC reader recently wrote in with a hypothesis of even year/odd year fortunes and Glavine which he equated to Bret Saberhagen in the 80's, and maybe even the Cincinnati Bengals. We'll look into that one.

Third place, 4.5 out, two games under sea level. I think it's time for a big run by the boys in blue and orange, which necessitates one thing. I need to leave town, not blog on, and follow the Mets only with the passing fancy of, say, a Braves fan. Catch a box score here, a highlight there, have little to no insight on the team. [I know, I know, I have none anyway -- hilarious, Rob.]

Well, that's just what I'll do then. I am packing my bags and heading far, far away . . . the Rockies sound far enough. Alrighty then. Tomorrow morning I will drive to the Colorado for the week. I'll return refreshed and ready to resume my role as the scribe of all things New York Mets. And as long as they have Internet access in Detox, no problem. And remember, Mets fans, I am doing this for you. When it comes to this team, there is no sacrifice I won't make up.

One of Life's Little Questions: can you get a Pabst at Coors Field?

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