Thursday, June 10, 2004

Game 58 - Red Sox
Papa's Got a Brand New Perspective

Padres 8, Red Sox 1
Nomar Garciaparra, 1-2, 1B
Record: 34-24

After the Yankees complete their pummeling of the Colorado Rockies this afternoon, the Empire will be 30-9 since the Sox finished dismantling them in April, and will have opened a 4-game lead on the 2nd-place Red Sox. I note this not because I'm happy about it, but because it gives me renewed optimism about my team. That the Yanks' run only puts them 4 games up on a Sox team that has missed several critical components is damn near cause for celebration.

And speaking of causes for celebration, Nomar's first AB of the 2004 season brought the Fenway crowd to its feet for an extended standing ovation. The taciturn shortstop seemed visibly moved, tapping his heart in Sosa-like response to the cheers. He then swung at the first pitch offered by Brian Lawrence, and all was well in the world. He ripped a groundball single between third and short to open the season on a positive, if belated, note.

Nomar's back, Scott Williamson gets activated tomorrow, Trot Nixon's playing the outfield in Pawtucket and slated to be back in Boston next Tuesday, and visions of a red-and-blue 30-9 streak dance in my head. Three-day weekend beckons along with the first day of the rest of the season.

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