Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Mouse That Roared

This is really interesting. The Sox are considering boycotting the upcoming trip to Japan if the team's support personnel (coaches, trainers, equipment staff) don't receive compensation that was allegedly promised them as part of the travel package.

I love this. It shows both that the team is united and that they recognize the importance and value of the people that don't get their names in the newspapers every day (and, not for nothing, don't make millions of dollars for entertaining us). I really think the Sox will be getting on that plane, but not before MLB is forced to do the right thing.

Somewhere, Hank Steinbrenner quietly fumes.


Nick said...


Obviously, the point you are making is that this is a great indicator of team unity. No argument there. Bully for the Sox.

However, the thing that caught my attention was the the $40K. Are you kidding me? They were supposed to be getting $40K for a whirlwind vacation to Japan? I'd do it for free assuming they are fronting the hotel and air fare. Wonder what their per diem is in NYC or San Fran. Shouldn't it simply be prorated for the presumed higher per diem in Japan?

$40K - stunning.

Whitney said...

From Mike Lowell's comments, it sounded like a lot of guys did not want to make the trip to Japan, but that MLB kept sweetening the deal with things like $40K stipends until they couldn't say no. And as soon as they said yes, MLB began reneging on much of what they'd offered. $40K a man is insane, but baseball's marketing department should be willing and able to invest quite a bit in a heavily-hyped promotional stunt like this, especially if Your World Champion and International Bandwagon-Galore Boston Red Sox are part of it.

Nick said...

Then I again, I am not sure I understand the marketing of baseball to a country where the game is more popular than in these United States.

Seems we should be marketing to our own people, no?

rob said...

you both already covered my response - yep, $40k is an insane amount, but if mlb's gonna ask two organizations to carry its water on the marketing front, it needs to honor the commitments it makes to the teams. what i like here is that the sox players (who obviously don't need the money) are sticking up for their coaches and clubbies who could certainly use the extra green, especially the latter.

for the record, i hate that the sox are playing these games in japan. it completely fucks up my sleep patterns.