Friday, March 28, 2008

Cold Case

Yes, it's that time of year again. Well, yeah, for major league baseballers to begin suiting up and playing ball and all that, but more importantly, it's time for Rob and me to bet 24 premium lagers or ales on our teams. The Case Bet lives on.

This year I'm calling for 91 Met wins. Seems like a reasonable number. Hoping for more, but last year's pants-soiling is still fairly fresh in our minds, no?

Rob has gone out on a limb with 93.5 Sox wins, mentioning an improved slate of AL opponents as to why that number isn't higher. And so I get 2.5 games by way of a spread. Game on.

My accusations of Rob's sandbaggery have led to the enactment of a corollary wager: if your team wins five (5) or more games above the number you predicted, you owe a six-pack to the other guy. Gotta keep ourselves honest.

With the addition of Phillie Nick and Yankee Teejay to the MLC fold, a few other bets have been made. The Mets/Phils season series will net one lucky bettor some malt beverages; same goes for the Sox/Yanks. The terms of the Phils/Sox series in June are still being ironed out. And I suppose that the Subway Series is going to have to be made "interesting."

Gentlemen, start your livers. Cheers, lads.


rob said...

that's a good corollary. is there an equivalent mercy rule if you're 5 or more games high?

Nick said...

91 eh? Apparently your misery has yet to dampen your optimism. You might want to start bloggin over at "Dementia Loves Company."