Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Walking on the Moon

Well, from MLC’s lips to God’s ears, apparently.

As hoped here just a few pixels below, The Police are officially getting back together to open the February 11 Grammy Awards. Not exactly a full tour (not yet, anyway), or even a concert, but beggars can’t be choosers. Given the format, Sting and the boys will likely get 10 minutes or so to kick things off, so let the speculation regarding song selection begin.

Because the Grammys, like the music industry they celebrate, are relentlessly commercial, I think the band will be obliged to play at least one megahit. Let’s stipulate that we’ll see 3 songs. The opening act needs to set a tone for the evening and get the crowd out of their seats, which means we’ll likely see an uptempo starter, or at least one with a beat. I’m thinking De Do Do Do De Da Da Da in a nod to contemporary politics – a nod that Sting will turn into a less than subtle dig.

Grammy loves medleys, and so do The Police. On top of that, the 2nd song is usually good for a mood shift, so I’m looking for Every Breath You Take to morph into Roxanne, which is effectively a requisite in this mini-concert.

So many choices to close it out, but I’ll go with Don’t Stand So Close to Me, which they’ll reclaim after the lame ’86 version. Gives them a chance to get back uptempo with a song that builds to a good finish and leaves the crowd happy.


Marlin said...

I was always a huge fan of "So Lonely". No way that they play it at the Grammys, but I wish they would. As for the actual set, I think they will likely do atleast one post-Police Sting song with the whole band involved.

On an unrelated note, sent the cash to the New York Mets National League Baseball Club today and am now officially a season ticket holder.

Whitney said...

Season tickets? Nice work, Timmy!

I think Rob is fairly right-on in his guesses for the Grammys, and you can't argue against a guy who wished two bands into reuniting later that week. There's almost no way they don't play "Every Breath You Take," which is unfortunate. It's every bit as dark at "Can't Stand Losing You," while not half the quality, but it's subtler and therefore overplayed as a love song.

I'm holding out for any one of these: "Invisible Sun," "Next to You," "Synchonicity I (not II)," "Canary in a Coalmine," "Bring On the Night,", or anything on Side 2 of Reggatta. Not likely, though -- I'll be content with a rowdy version of "Message in a Bottle," Rob's pick of "Don't Stand So Close to Me," or anything from Side 1 of Ghost in the Machine.

Side 1, Side 2? What children of another era we are.

rob said...

"next to you" would be killer. that's probably my favorite police song. that'd be a pretty good opener.

Mike said...

You guys are totally my favorite old-time music blog.

rob said...

go suck an arctic monkey, whippersnapper

TJ said...

Whit, Chan Ho Park? Really?