Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hazy Shade of Winter

Time for some long overdue updates here at MLC, now that the calendar’s turned over and the absurdly warm weather in the Mid-Atlantic region has awoken hibernating beasts of all sorts. I hate to push Whit’s sublime retelling of the Mets’ final 2006 efforts down the page, but if by doing so I can get him to post something else, then I’ve done a solid for humanity.

Sunday marked the 7th annual Hot Stove, Cool Music charity concert in Boston, where Peter Gammons has combined his love of baseball and rock and roll into a must-attend offseason event. The Globe’s brief recap mentions Theo Epstein and erstwhile Sox hurler Lenny Dinardo as members of Gammo’s band, and highlights the legendary scribe’s continuing recovery from last season’s aneurysm. We’ll add Cold Brews to the recipe and start long-tossing in advance of the 2007 season.

The Sox’ 2007 Spring Training roster looks just about complete with the addition of Joel Pineiro as the prospective closer. The bloom has certainly faded from the former buzz-baby’s reputation, as he’s put together a string of mediocre to dreadful seasons as a starter with the Mariners. Looks like the Sox see something in his delivery and makeup that lead them to believe they can reclaim Pineiro in Gagneian (Gagnesque?) fashion. Color me skeptical to terrified that the Sox are staking their 2007 hopes on this wing and prayer. Given that the only viable backup plan is to move Jonathan Papelbon from the rotation back to the end of the bullpen, the Sox are risking disruption to the entire staff should Pineiro not fill the bill.

The iTunes fairy was pretty good to Team MLC over the Christmas holiday, so we’re working our way through various additions to the song library. Pitchfork Media’s become a monumentally fun time-waster, and probably will lead to a significant dent in my checking account sooner rather than later. I’m digging The Hold Steady, which sounds like early Springsteen crossed with Marah (which is a little like saying Springsteen mixed with Springsteen). Robert Randolph & The Family Band’s ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with That’ is getting heavy rotation on the iPod, as well – funky, groovy and head-nodding fun.

This week brings news that Loudoun County’s own Old Dominion Brewing is on the verge of selling out to the man. The purveyors of top-notch microbrews (including personal fave Tupper’s Hop Pocket Ale) are rumored to be in acquisition discussions with Anheuser-Busch and other investors. One more thing for me to boycott in a feebly quixotic attempt to remain the champion of the little guy.

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