Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

A few posts below, you'll note my brilliant (and clearly obvious) plan to foster a false sense of security in the New York Yankees by denigrating the Detroit Tigers. (Little known fact: Johnny Damon is a huuuge MLC fan, stemming from that time we wrote about his haircut, or something.) In conjunction with Whitney's diabolical sabotage of the Minnesota Twins, anointing them (or their riverine doppelgangers) presumptive World Series champions, the events of the first round of the MLB playoffs have shaped up quite nicely for his Mets.

It goes without saying that I'm pleased as punch with the Yankee loss and the concomitant chaos in their organization. I think Big Stein will come to his senses, but I'd prefer if he fired Joe Torre and replaced him with Lou Piniella - not only will the pitching rotation be a wreck by next July, the resulting clubhouse tension would put to shame the Bronx Zoo-era Bombers. For entertainment value alone, the 2007 Yankees would be worth the price of admission.

I'd be pretty confident right about now if I were in Whitney's shoes, but my respect for the superstitions of the game means that I will understand completely when he responds in (probably mock) horror at the suggestion. Despite the Mets pitching woes, they match up fairly well with the threadbare Cardinal staff, Chris Carpenter notwithstanding. And the Metros' offense and bullpen are clearly better than those of their opponent. New York in 6, and only because Carpenter gets to pitch twice.

In the Junior Circuit, I'm torn. I'd like to see Detroit win because it'd be a great story, and I'm grateful to them for their systematic dismantling of the Yankees. On the other hand, an Oakland triumph would be a rich and overdue retort to the old-line sports media and their uninformed hatred of the Moneyball system. Listening to Joe Morgan have to congratulate Billy Beane (you know, the author of the book in question) would be sweet music, indeed. In the end, I think Le Tigres are just thismuch deeper in the rotation and bullpen, and the 2 offenses are a wash. With Mark Ellis' ALDS injury meaning that the A's have to start Marco Scutaro and DeAngleo Jiminez in the middle infield, the scale tips to the Motor City - something that would have been unfathomable to me 7 days ago. Detroit in a full 7 games.

Ahh, baseball, you magnificent bastard - many thanks for the early end to angst-filled autumn evenings and here's looking forward to some edge-of-the-seat action over the next 2 weeks.

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