Sunday, October 01, 2006


Jumping in where I don't belong to send a quick shout-out to the Detroit Tigers for gift-wrapping a trip to the ALCS for the Yankees. The Motor City Kitties needed 1 win in their last 5 games to clinch the AL Central and send the Twins to the Bronx. Instead, they gacked 5 straight, including s season-ending sweep at the hands of the Royals (the Sox have some experience with that particular art form).

As a result, Detroit heads to New York to face the Yankees, where they'll be summarily dispatched as the Bombers tune up for their inevitable romp through the postseason. It'll be nice for the denizens of Yankee Nation to finally be able to begin the post-2004 healing process. Begin, but not nearly complete. And if you don't think I'll use some variation of that line everytime I get grief from a pinstripe-wearing mouth-breather, you've got another think coming. It came to me out of the clear blue sky at today's Nationals/Mets game, when some jerkoff in a Yankee t-shirt cracked wise at me (wearing my Sox cap). His stammered non-response almost made this circle-jerk of a season worth it. Almost.

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