Monday, June 19, 2006

Space Between

Games 65 through 67 - Red Sox

Red Sox 4, Atlanta Braves 1
Red Sox 5, Braves 3
Red Sox 10, Braves 7
Record: 39-28

Just jumping in for a minute so I don't end up going a whole week without saying something. Ahem.

Between Father's Day, the World Cup, the U.S. Open and an unusual intermission for a spot of culture (if one calls Spamalot culture), I didn't see a whole lot of this weekend's resurrection. Helluva game, baseball. Lose 4 in a row and send your fans to the ledge, win 3 in a row and provide an entire Nation with Prozac for the baseball fan's soul.

Jon Lester got his first major league win on Friday. In a related note, Whitney Lester did not. Though the latter Lester might have a better shot at a victory than tonight's starter. The Sox' starting pitching woes have reached the point where the Old Towne Team is forced to send Kyle Snyder to the hill against the resurgent Nationals. That's the same Kyle Snyder who was released earlier in the week.

By the Royals.

The Kansas City Royals.


That pause was brought to you by the letter 'Y', as in "Yikes", or, "Y can't we come up with anything better than Kyle Snyder?" With Matt Clement officially on the DL with an "arm injury" - sounds so much better than "post-traumatic stress disorder" or "creeping Derek Loweism" - the Sox are sounding the alarm for arms.

Maybe it's all a sop to the Nats, who helped the Sox immensely this weekend by stealing 2 victories from the Yankees in wrenching fashion. Whatever, here's hoping Theo and the gang figure something out before it becomes Lima Time in Fenway.

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