Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Dead Horse That Keeps On Kicking

Some quick news from the "other" World Baseball Classic . . .

The United States lost again the other night, this time to Korea in a loss that may result in a premature exit for America from the games. The U.S. played sloppy defense, Dontrelle Willis was off once again, and the hitters still weren't tearing the cover off the ball, but the big dent in the Americans' hopes came when Hee Seop Choi blasted a three-run homer in the middle innings. Spirit-crushing. Game-ruining. Pants-soiling. Sound familiar to any MLC readers out there? It should, because for our first two years in business here, middle relievers inspiring such dramatic text was a weekly occurrence, and one guy in particular stood out above the rest -- the same fellow whose pitch Choi hammered out.

Dan Wheeler, Team USA.

Ring a bell? You remember, Dan Wheeler.

Come on, surely you recall Dan Wheeler.

Does this jog your memory?

No? How about this?

Surely this brings it all back . . .

Yeah, I thought you'd remember. Clearly, Buck Martinez is not an MLC subscriber.

Anyway, this has been another edition of Where Are They Now? Next week we'll check in with Doc Gooden . . .

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