Monday, February 27, 2006

Game 6

There have been a handful of mutterings around MLC about a possible new movie entitled Game 6 about the '86 Series. I know Rob used to dread this topic, but after the salve of 2004 was applied, he might have found some inner peace when it comes to this subject.

In truth, even objectively this project sounds very intriguing. Here's what I heard -- I know, don't believe everything you hear, but it was a reliable source and it does make a lot of sense. Check it out:

It's going to be a feature film on the '86 season. Filming around Shea begins next week. Reports out of Hollywood indicate they've tapped Oscar-winner Paul Giamatti to be Gary Carter, Denzel Washington as Doc Gooden, and Todd Bridges as Darryl Strawberry. Keith Hernandez will play himself, convinced that anyone else would "butcher me."

Horatio Sanz was recently cast as Sid Fernandez, and MVP Ray Knight will be played by Corbin Bernsen, since the writers found his character of Roger Dorn to be "eerily similar." Former Young Guns co-stars Emilio Estevez and Lou Diamond Phillips will reunite to portray Wally Backman and Jesse Orosco, respectively.

Reportedly, either Ving Rhames or Malcolm-Jamal Warner will tackle Kevin Mitchell, maybe both. Meanwhile, the part of Mookie Wilson was a highly coveted one for obvious reasons. Danny Glover was deemed a little too old, Chris Tucker lacked the "veteran resonance" Mookie displayed, and Wesley Snipes had "too much Willie Mays Hayes baggage." The gutsy decision to cast Jamie Foxx in the role has Oscar written all over it. Foxx is currently spending 12 hours a day with cinematic batting stance specialist Dick Helms to nail down Wilson's unique plateside manner and the Game 6 pitch dodge that will climax the film.

Ron Darling will be a computer-generated animation with James Woods adding the voice.

Filling out the rest of the Mets clubhouse are Billy Dee Williams as mid-season trade George Foster, Benjamin Bratt as Bobby Ojeda, and Hilary Swank as a pre-juice Lenny Dykstra.

Kevin Costner, desperate for any baseball-related movie, apparently pitched himself as being able to do "a kick-ass HoJo," but was turned down for every role on the 25-man roster. He later accepted a role as Peanut Vendor #2. Howard Johnson will instead be portrayed by Pauly Shore.

Rounding out the rest of the Mets' side of the film will be John Ratzenberger as skipper Davey Johnson, Tom Hanks in a dual role as Mr. Met/Tim Teufel, and Leslie Nielsen as Enrico Pallazzo.

Perhaps Rob has some inside scoop on who theyll get to play the Sox. I haven't heard any specific names being thrown around except Tom Arnold as Clemens, and just something about "a whole lotta moustaches."

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