Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Breaking News

After a protracted negotiation marked by brinksmanship from both parties, escalating tensions, and one man's admission that he was grocery shopping when the Federal government expected him to be "working from home", Whitney and I have reached agreement on the terms of this season's Red Sox/Mets case bet.

And the verdict is: Even. We're going pick 'em this season, which is either evidence that the Mets have had a banner offseason, or the Sox are poised for a steep declince. Boy, I hope it's the former.

To recap, if the Sox win 1 more game than the Mets in 2006, I'll be the gleeful recipient of a case of something alcoholic and New Englandy, like Harpoon IPA (my current ale of choice). If the Mets top the Sox in the standings, Whit gets a case of Brooklyn Brewing Co. product. If the 2 teams are tied, we do upside-down kegstands until we pass out in a pile of our own sick.

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