Thursday, June 09, 2005

Saluting a Charter Member of the Township

Game 59 - Mets

Astros 4, Mets 1
Record: 31-28

The Mets lost. Zambrano pitched so-so, the Mets couldn't solve Brandon "Wacky Tub" Backe, Dan Wheeler faced his old mates and lowered his ERA to 1.35, and Township fave Heath Bell served up a toffee-ball that Orlando "My Cousin Has 500, I have 19" Palmeiro took out of the yard, which in and of itself may require Bell's demotion to AAA. Eh. That's about all I have to say about this game.

I am leaving tonight to head to Tuxedo Park, NY, former residence of Lou Piniella, and more pertinently, my grandparents. The family is convening to honor the passing of my grandfather, who recorded his final out a month or so ago. I mentioned Grampa Jack in my solemn take on the Win It For thread in March, saying:
Win it for my Grampa Jack, who lies either on his death bed or a few rooms down
from it. He's bled Dodger Blue and Giant orange (that'd be Met brown) since 1962
and he's only seen two World Championships. Although these titles have been
astounding ones that fascinated the world -- of baseball and otherwise -- they
simply don't measure up to the treasure trove of trash that has entered and left
Shea since '86 (and beyond), with results on and off the field that wear away a
man's soul. Grampa, if you're reading this, (1) stop stealing other people's
computers, and (2) this year is going to be for you.

If the Mets do pull off the largest Miracle since '69, it'd be a startling tribute and the stuff of blog lore. It's definitely asking too much, but it doesn't hurt to ask. In a peculiar side note, Grampa Jack grew up on the South Side of Chicago (he and Leroy Brown), and his team was the White Sox as a kid. They haven't won the Series since he was two, so that would be even more noteworthy. (And it might take some air out of the BoSox bandwagon blimp.)

Anyway, that's where I'll be, eulogizing the old man with more than one mention of the Mets. I'd ask once again for the Mets to win for him -- just against the (appropriately monikered) Angels this weekend -- but you know, considering how many of the 3500+ Mets losses he sat through with that mock scowl, it'd be more fitting if they lost for him.

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