Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Black Eyed Peas

My, how the world is a different place on October 24, 2007 than it was just 3 years ago. There’s no “Win if For” thread on SOSH, because the Sox already won it for all those people. Curt Schilling’s still jumping into game threads to fire up the troops, but it doesn’t make one all goosebumpy like it did back then. The Idiots are gone, and though their spirit remains in Jonathan Papelbon, David Ortiz, and the bullpen fife and drum corps, the Sox are a loose, but highly professional collective. And nobody’s chasing 86 years of history, except for the last vestiges of the vast grumpy old media conspiracy.

But it’s still the World Series, so even as my head tries to remain calm, to rationalize the fact that the Sox had a great season, that playoff baseball is a crapshoot, that the Rockies are a solid team on a historic roll, that Manny’s right and the world won’t end if the Sox lose – even with all that, I’m sitting here 8 hours before gametime with a mess of butterflies in my stomach and the attention span of a puppy in a field of chew toys.

Man, I love this game.


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Well, then. That must have been fun to watch for a certain subsection of the sports spectating community.

There was less carnage in the latest segment of The War, which is what I'd flipped over to by the 5th inning.