Monday, March 12, 2007


Never was a big fan of Boston; not that I'm celebrating its recent demise, but I won't complain, either.

Oh, was it not clear that I meant the band Boston? Lead singer Brad Delp died last week, an event slightly less saddening than the glut of Boston songs hitting the FM airwaves in his stead. I appreciate, if not revel in, the glory of "classic rock" a whole lot more than Rob does, but Boston was one of the few bands that just never did it for me.

"More Than a Feeling" represents not only the single track of theirs that I could stomach, but the likely mantra for Beantowners as they look ahead to the 2007 baseball season with rare optimism. In spring training, you scour the landscape for omens of any kind. I suppose this qualifies; just keep that gut-punch "Amanda" out of earshot, and I'll endorse it.

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