Friday, September 29, 2006

There's a Tear in My Beer

Well, not necessarily in my beer, but I bet Whitney's suds got a little salty yesterday after the news broke regarding Pedro's season-ending injury. I still think the Mets are the best team in the (weak, very weak, so weak that they went 2-16 against the mediocre Boston Red Sox) National League, and that they'll be favored in any series they play in the postseason. That said, their margin for error just got shaved to the width of John Maine's wispy mustache hairs.

I'm bummed, too, because Pedro on the hill in a late-season meaningful game is entertainment gold, regardless of how well he pitches. From his legend-making 6-inning no-hit performance against the Indians in the '99 ALDS, to his toreador impersonation on Don Zimmer, to his dominance of the Cardinals in the '04 World Series (have I mentioned in this space that the Sox won that Series?), the Duke of Duende is magnetic when the weather cools down.

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