Wednesday, March 09, 2005

We Need a New Name for This Here Space

Overdue on this account, but the Misery Loves Company tagline, while blisteringly humorous in a cliched sort of not-very-clever way, really no longer makes sense. True, all of our readers are wallowing in the misery of deconstructing the internal workings of Whitney's psyche as translated recently - and immediately below. But that sort of misery can't last long - nor will the company if my partner can't remember that brevity is the soul of w(h)it. We kid because we love.

But the harsh facts remain; I'm no longer miserable. I couldn't be more ecstatic - even now. We're starting to see the beginnings of the inevitable backlash against Red Sox Nation, and I'm in full-on sticks and stones mode. You can say anything you'd like, and you can't take away Foulke to Mientkiewicz for all the marbles. I read an excerpt from Seth Mnookin's piece about the postseason in this month's Vanity Fair, and I got goosebumps and throatlumps all over again. Misery, I hardly knew ye.

I still like company, and Whit presumably still likes me, so maybe we could go with Misery Loves Company, even though Company's Becoming More and More Unbearable on the Subject of the World Champion Boston Red Sox with Each Passing Day, or MLCETCBMAMUOTSOTWCBRSWEPD for short. Or, we could go faux-clever-literary, with All Pedro's Children, or the far more obtuse All Mientkiewicz' Children. We could play it colorful with The Red and Orange Reader, but that just sucks out loud. We could pay homage to one of the great term papers of all time with I Call this Blog Canada, but that's so inside that it makes the Star Chamber look like the Chamber of Commerce. (Ed. - What the fuck is he talking about? Forget it, I think he's drunk.)

In any case, we've got about 3 weeks to figure this thing out. I'd tell you that your input is welcome, but we're still debating the wisdom of opening this debacle to commentary from the masses. If you really care - either one of you - shoot us an email via the links at the left. Until then, I'm the Artist Formerly Known as Miserable, signing off.

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