Tuesday, October 12, 2004

3 1/2 Innings In, and I'm Already Looking for Bright Spots

The fact that I'm typing this and not engrossed in game action is clue number 1 that things have gone badly wrong, and quickly, for the Sox. Shall we count the ways, beginning with Curt Schilling's obvious physical discomfort and ineffectiveness? Or maybe, the fact that the first 12 Sox hitters to come to the plate have been retired, including all three in the top of the 4th via called strike 3. 6-0 Yankees after 4, Schilling's long gone - replaced by Curtis Leskanic, who walked the first 2 batters he faced - Mike Mussina's pitching a perfect game, and the Sox are rapidly approaching Assmonkey on Parade status.

But here's the thing: the Yankees lost the first game in last year's ALCS and came back to win the series. Long series, even if the Sox punt the first game.

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